Solutions  for Under Performing or Distressed Companies

How Facilities Planning Services can Improve your Operations

Whether an organization is financially distressed, considering bankruptcy or just not performing to your potential,  the Facilities Planning Services Group can help you reach your goals. We create strategies and implement solutions for operationally and financially distressed organizations, as well as for organizational growth and reorganization. 

We can lead or mentor change. We are experienced in creating Efficient Organizational Structures, Budgets, Strategic Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Incentive Plans, and Sales Training.

Turnaround efforts have four phases, as follows:


Protect your wealth from creditor and investor lawsuits and from bankruptcy court review if your must file.


Manage cash flow immediately by stopping all unnecessary spending and payouts.  Success here is critical for survival.


Determine the profitable business elements and create a business plan with structure and accountability to rebuild the organization. There are many business elements such as culture and markets that must be included in the initial Business Assessment.


Once restructuring is realized through several quarters of profitability, you must decide to either grow the business or sell. Either path requires certain critical actions.

Some of Our Services

Asset Management Review

Cash Flow Management

Crisis Management

Customer Quality Liaison Services

Customer & Creditor Negotiations

Enhancing the Productivity and Performance of Your Team

Interim Operational & Financial Management

Inventory Management and Improvement Plans

Job Cost & Product Mix Analysis

Liquidation Analysis

Operational Efficiency Studies

Organizational Assessment

Perfecting Product Processes

Plant/Equipment Relocation and Optimization

Profit Enhancement Programs

Program Launch Management

Reorganization Plan Development & Implementation

Sales Training

Streamlining Operations

Supply Chain Management

Viability Analysis

Established in 1972, The FPS Group specializes in the revitalization and renewal of established small and mid-size companies. The FPS Group along with its partners and associates are all seasoned professionals who understand the issues faced by troubled companies. Each FPS Facility Planner has had, hands on, proven experience to know how to right the ship and effectively set a new course toward profitability. We are internationally known for our ability to consistently deliver practical workable solutions.

Every turnaround challenge requires an understanding of the client’s unique value add process, the organizational structure, the personalities, the respective markets, their history, and of course their cash flow and finances. FPS has a good relationship with the banking community. The FPS Group normally starts with our Business Assessment and/or SWOT Analysis that helps us to quickly define the appropriate path to recovery.

If you feel that your business should be doing better, contact us for a free confidential discussion with no obligations.

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