Making an Impact

Established in 1972, The FPS Group has acquired a broad range of International Manufacturing Operational Planning and Implementation experiences and talents. 

Before commissioning an architect or a general contractor to design a Manufacturing or Distribution facility, or even selecting a location, there is an essential step that needs to be taken……… to ensure that the facility and location will, in fact, meet the needs of the process.

FPS has the resources and experiences developed over the past 4 decades to develop the optimum functional design and outline how it will operate. This is one of the most critical and least expensive investments that one can make in their future operations.

FPS is an internationally-recognized, global leader in developing efficient lean “Best Practices” manufacturing and distribution layouts.

FPS has extensive Manufacturing interim management, strategic planning, profiling, design, consolidation, relocation, expansion, out sourcing, automation, and process improvement experience. This experience covers many different industries. We are experienced in analyzing and defining accurate process requirements, materials flow demands, and work-in-process storage requirements over specified planning horizons.

FPS can determine precise building requirements and furnish the Optimum Layout based on Manufacturing Best Practices. We understand materials flow and material handling! Our international and domestic experience ranges from Volvo in Sweden, to WonderWorld in Thailand, to hundreds of other international and domestic mandates. Over the past few decades, FPS has perfected the Flow Optimization & Resource Management (FORM TM) approach to projecting the optimum value stream process layout for the defined planning horizon.

This resulting lean Best Practices manufacturing layout solution has saved millions of dollars annually for Unilever HBA, INA USA, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies. Contact your FPS Facility Planner for more information.

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