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We assist International Service Groups who need distribution help

The Facilities Planning Services Approach

Global Provider of Statistical Consulting, Analysis and Solutions

We are experienced professionals who have outstanding credentials, both from the academic and industrial perspectives.

FPS understands processes, material handling, flow, and storage. Our FPS Facility Planners are well known for developing successful solutions to difficult operational challenges. We have three business units: Manufacturing, Distribution, and Operational Turnaround Management.

Our international world class client list includes: Teleflex Medical, Unilever HPC, P&G, Chrysler, Weck Surgical, Pilling Medical, Toyota, Ford, Duane Reed Drug Stores, Farmatodo, Office Net, GE Nuclear, INA USA, Alcatel Telecommunications, Wonder World Toys, IBM, Volvo, Alcoa, Precision Mold, IBEX, SAIM, and hundreds more!

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to nurture enduring partnerships with our clients by enhancing their productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantage through proven, hands-on facility planning services. Established in 1972, The FPS Group has acquired an international reputation for superior performance in facilities planning and technology implementation in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.

FPS is a primary business partner with many leading Architectural and Engineering firms around the world. We are expert at Profiling operations prior to facility design or construction to help insure proper fit. FPS can analyze potential opportunities such as Capital Equipment or outsourcing for reduced facility size and complexity. We frequently Profile multiple operations for consolidation and/or relocation opportunities.


Market globalization and emerging technologies mean that businesses in every industry must be agile and quick to adapt. With successes dating as far back as 1972, The FPS Group has earned the reputation for experienced, professional, and comprehensive operations improvement, insuring our client’s success in this high-performance environment. From the moment our team arrives on site, our goal will be to create solutions that meet our client’s immediate needs as well as maintaining a focus and flexibility for the future.

We strongly believe in the importance of detailed strategic planning. Our team is trained to see growth from a strategic perspective, to propose practical, cost-effective solutions to operational challenges, and to implement them in an efficient, non-disruptive manner. Challenge us! The FPS Group would like to partner with you to help insure your operation’s continued success. Contact us today!

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