CASE STUDY – General Technology

Project Explanation

To consolidate their research, design, manufacturing and assembly functions into a single optimum environment

GTC had their various confidential operations scattered over the region. This contributed to a major logistics and security challenge. To complicate this challenge, they were experiencing excellent growth under an aggressive management team.

To efficiently handle their rapidly growing assembly commitments, GTC decided to build a world class facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Management wanted a state-of-the-art facility designed from the inside out. After an intensive evaluation process, the Facilities Planning Services Group of Wilmington, North Carolina was selected.

Utilizing the unique FPS scientific Flow Optimum and Resource Management “FORM TM” approach, GTC was able to accurately define their projected facility assembly needs on a quarterly basis over their 5 year planning horizon. This included square feet by function, capital equipment, labor, number of dock doors, and dozens of other critical components. FPS even outlined how it will operate.

A five year numerical simulation was done to determine the optimum cost effective operational profile. This operational profile very easily translated into their “Optimum Layout.” This was a strict scientific analyses, void of opinions. The proven FPS “FORM TM” approach, has helped insure that GTC will maintain their competitive market position well into the future.

GTC realized that before they could work with an architect or a developer to design their Optimum Production Environment, they first needed to profile their operations and exactly define their assembly need.

This was clearly the most critical investment GTC could have made to insure their continued success. Each operation was analyzed to determine their current and projected needs. Many potential opportunities were analyzed and discussed to improve service levels and profitability. A Flow and Cube Analysis was conducted for each assembly operation to determine the various requirements of the consolidated operation.


Flow Optimization and Resource Management