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FPS has extensive Distribution Center interim management, strategic planning, profiling, design, consolidation, relocation, expansion, out sourcing, automation, and process improvement experience. This expertise covers production support, retail distribution, wholesale distribution, and general warehousing. We are experienced in analyzing and defining accurate process requirements, order fulfillment, packaging, materials flow demands, cross docking, and work-in-process storage requirements over specified planning horizons.

FPS can determine precise building requirements and furnish the Optimum Layout based on Best Practices. We understand materials flow and material handling! Our international and domestic experience ranges from Wal-Mart USA, to Office Net in Argentina SA, to many hundreds of international and domestic successes. Over the past few decades, FPS has perfected the Flow Optimization & Resource Management (FORMTM) approach to projecting the optimum value stream process layout for the defined planning horizon.

This resulting lean Best Practices distribution center layout solution has saved millions of dollars annually for firms such as Farmatodo SA, Teleflex Medical, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Contact your FPS Facility Planner for more information.