CASE STUDY – Circor – Instrumentation Technologies

Project Explanation

To facilitate the relocation of manufacturing equipment

The challenges facing Circor and FPS were to move 200 pieces of heavy equipment, at least two times each; refinish floors; coordinate utilities; no more than four machines down at a time; no machine off line for more than eight hours; and consolidate a second facility into the layout.

Circor’s relentless efforts to lower costs, improve quality, and improve customer service levels were complicated by the fact that they specialize in governmentally-classified exotic metals.

“In order to stay competitive in the global market and remain world class in safety, quality, delivery and cost, Circor  envisioned a fundamental restructuring of our entire value stream ‐ including the way we manufacture product.  

FPS flawlessly managed every aspect of our physical transformation from cradle to grave. Having the advantage of  hindsight, I am convinced we would not have met our budget and cost targets without The FPS Group.” ‐ Jeff Teague, Director of Engineering, Circor Instrumentation Group

With the direction and support of Mr. Jeff Teague, Circor’s Director of Engineering, FPS phased the project and conducted a detailed work plan which mandated over 400 machine moves within 10 weeks.

Successful planning and management of the physical reorganization was the result of FPS’ close synergy with Circor’s staff and 3.5 decades of experience.