CASE STUDY – Michigan Peat

Project Explanation

To modernize and consolidate operations to improve quality and customer service.

The Michigan Peat senior management wanted to modernize and consolidate operations to improve quality and customer service. After extensive analysis, they selected the FPS Group because of our in-depth process experience, agricultural experience, and strong history of environmental stewardship.

FPS worked closely with Michigan Peat to establish a Materials Flow Five Year Strategic Plan for their over all operational requirements. This defined the required quality service level that Michigan Peat’s customers have come to expect. This was done on a quarterly bases specifying numerous critical operational indicators.

Productivity technologies were implemented to support Lean methods and procedures for optimum productivity. This greatly extended the service life of the existing facilities and clearly showed the path for continued success.

Below is the proposed Lean visual site plan that was implemented to greatly improve through put while significantly reducing operating costs. Production stages as well as raw materials and finished product were strategically placed to minimize material handling.

A detailed Flow & Cube Analysis of the production and distribution process requirements was performed to determine the specific operational demands.

An Operational Analysis of the current production and distribution operations were performed to determine what could be done to optimize current processes in support of the Materials Flow Five Year Strategic Plan.

Based on this analysis, a detailed facility design was developed for a world class operation, properly organizing the complete range of processing and distribution functions. Potential opportunities were analyzed to improve service levels and profitability.

FPS has several proven development tools such as the scientific FORM approach that can efficiently determine the optimum manufacturing or distribution center layout and outline the appropriate material handling technologies with accurately projected performance criteria. So there is no guessing or art; just science!


Flow Optimization and Resource Management